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Information about GooNearby

How it works

                                                    How GooNearby works


For Owner                                                                                        For Renter


Sign up for free and list your                                         Search for items



One can share on hourly/daily/                         One can rent on hourly/daily/

monthly basis depending                                     monthly basis depending

upon the categories                                                upon the categories


Receive interest/request from                            Register and send interest/request

other Users and then take a



Direct Chat option between                                Direct Chat option between

Users – Decide your appropriate                      Users

terms and conditions of transaction



 No intervention by GooNearby                         No intervention by GooNearby



GooNearby is not a party to the transaction in any manner. Our job ends once User (Renter) sends interest and received by other User (Owner).

How to contact 'Owner'? - Two ways -

1)     Use 'Rent Out' or 'Check out' option, you will have message option. The Owner will receive your message and the Owner will react as per his/her wish. The owner may check your profile and ranking before proceeding further.

2)     Use 'contact' option available on  profile of the other User, to initiate conversation.